RPA Use Cases for All Industries


From energy providers to textile manufacturers: The digital transformation is happening across all industries and there are numerous potential use cases for the efficient use of software robots and artificial intelligence in daily business. Learn more about RPA use cases for all the different industries here.



Speed up your production with software robots and create space for innovation.


Pharma & Life Science

Free up capacities for research and development with digital employees.


IT & Telecommunication

Use RPA to get a more agile development, deployment, and operation of digital services.


Utilities & Energy Supplies

Installment payments, tariff changes, meter readings: Gain resources and time for new energies with RPA.


Mobility & Logistics

Move people and goods worldwide even faster and more efficiently with RPA.


Retail & e-Commerce

Boost your sales and accelerate your business with digital assistants.


Public Sector

Open up your digital authority for an accelerated and simplified interaction between government agency and citizens.


Banking & Insurances

Automate highly regulated standard processes with process and data security.

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RPA is an essential building block for digital transformation in any given industry. We have compiled a selection of RPA use cases for all industries from our customer projects. Gain an overview of the diverse applications of software robots and the positive effects they have on every business.


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