RPA in Procurement


Unleash your potential in purchasing: With RPA in procurement, digital assistants simplify and accelerate your daily business and enable efficient and price-conscious procurement of resources in a complex and dynamic market.


Use Cases: From Real Business Practice


Learn how procurement departments of various companies are successfully using Servicetrace software robots.


RPA in Procurement: Your Advantages


More Speed

Software robots carry out tasks quickly and tirelessly – thus accelerating your business.


More Quality

The virtual employees work precisely and flawlessly – and you enjoy an excellent output.


More Satisfaction

The digital colleagues take care of annoying routine jobs – making your employees happy.

Free Download: RPA in Procurement Use Cases


RPA is an essential building block for cross-departmental digital transformation. We have compiled a selection of RPA use cases for the procurement department from our customer projects. Gain an overview of the diverse applications of software robots and the positive effects for every business.


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